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I have had a lot of luck with BL Solution on my 32 and 28 year olds. The liquid seems to do a better job than the pellets (better absorption maybe?) The 32 year old was so stiff in her knees and hocks she couldn’t back off the wash rack. She was already on MSM for other issues but it didn’t seem to do much for her arthritis. I started her on BL just before going out of town for 10 days so really didn’t give it a lot of thought that could lead to placebo effect. The barn sitter gave to her as directed and seriously, when I got back the mare practically marched backwards off the wash rack. My jaw literally dropped open. She moves a whole lot better overall. I’d give it a try! (FYI, the BL stands for Bute Less, the former name of the product.) The key to any kind of supplement is how each horse metabolizes it. You may have to try a few different things before you hit on the right combination.