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Reply To: Aspirin alternatives

pheets pheets
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I hate to be the ignorant one but here goes : )
Is there a reason that no one has yet mentioned MSM?

I offer trying out a longer, more working+ walk oriented warm-up. The walk is so under-rated! I, too, have several arthritic elders among my herd and we have done well with an MSM/Cosequin (I agree to a point about the efficacy, or lack of, of oral supps, and as long as the components are consistent quality/amounts, the brand name is relatively unimportant) regime. 24/7 turn out is optimim but at a boarding facility I realize this is not commonly possible. I have found proper supplementation, low/no added sugar diet, lighter weight but not skinny and movement to be key in promoting arthritic comfort.

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Sure there's right and wrong but mostly there's just a whole lotta different.

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