Reply To: At what temperature should I blanket my horse?

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Does your horse have a run in shelter in his paddock, or is he kept in a stall during the night? If he’s kept in a stall I’d maybe use the lightweight since he’s inside and it’s a bit warmer than being outside. If he’s kept in his paddock during the night I’d maybe use the medium blanket. My girl gets a good fur coat in the winter, and I only blanket her when it’s cold, windy and raining, or unless I see her shivering in her paddock. She also has a run in shed in her paddock. So if I were you, I’d maybe use the medium blanket when he’s outside and the lightweight when he’s inside. Also feeding hay keeps the fire burning so to speak, so providing a flake or 2 extra hay to munch during the night will also keep him warm. Hope this helps 🙂

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