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My horse is a QH/TB cross. His feet have never been great. I’ve always put shoes on him in the summer and had him go barefoot in the winter. However, last winter I didn’t pull them and did snow pads instead. This summer his feet were in the worst condition ever. I think it’s because he didn’t have that barefoot time, it really does make for healthier feet.

I just pulled his shoes now for the winter and he was EXTREMELY sore, however I think it will be worth it in the long run. I’ve been putting iodine on his feet every day and really think I’ve noticed a difference in his soles getting tougher already. So, you could try the iodine as well as the turpentine.

I’m going to look into getting boots for the summer and maybe not putting shoes back on him ever. Every horse is different, but if you can get them sound barefoot and they aren’t wearing hoof down faster than it grows, I say keep them barefoot.