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I like Leslie’s response. Change things up a bit. Give her a job to do when she gets somewhere away from the barn. I had good luck recently with stopping my mare, getting off, and letting her graze in the area where she likes to try to make a break for the homestead. Each time, I stopped her a little farther along the trail. Now she’s got the idea that there might be something good waiting for her, but it’s never in the same spot twice. LOL Gotta use whatever works, right? I had a mare who flatly refused to even walk out of the indoor under saddle after a while. With that one, I started by leading her out on the trail, giving her a treat if she cooperated, then hopping up and riding her back at the walk. We got farther each time until we hit a mile (my limit for walking home in case the effort was a failure), then we went mounted both ways. It took about a month of that, but the upshot was a mare who was totally okay with going five miles alone to rescue a rider stuck in the woods during a rain storm, and I used her to pony new babies out on the trail. Nice switch from the mane-clinging, heart-stopping sit-n-spins we’d worked up to.

Be patient and work with her. She’ll get past it as long as you stop imagining the worst and tensing up for it.
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