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My older(18), well trained gelding I use a myler level 3 high port bit. I was told by a trainer that since he’s so advanced he should be using a bit that has more tongue relief..we were using a tom thumb, since that’s what was recommended by previous owner. Which I now know is a pretty harsh bit to be using and I felt wretched for using it on him.

My 8 year old who is super green, I ride in a halter and just recently bought a bitless sidepull bridle for him. The people I got him from where using a straight bit(one with no knuckle and shanks). Which is why I use a bitless on him’s a fight to get anything near his mouth because of these people.

My mom’s 11 year old gelding uses your basic snaffle bit or just rides in a halter. And she’s considering getting a myler comfort snaffle.

If any of you watch Julie Goodnight, she is always talking to people about the bits they use with their horses and is always changing to a milder bit. It’s amazing how many people don’t know anything about what they’re putting in their horses mouth. And how many people don’t think to change the bit before adding more gimmicks to their horse(like flash bands, tie downs, etc). After watching so many of her shows, it makes me look at how a horse is acting and what they are doing with their mouth and if I know the person well I always ask them if they’ve tried a different bit to correct a problem. Never ceases to amaze me how many people’s answer is just, “why? he’s just being difficult”
Maybe if you listened to your horse better, you’d know something was wrong.

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