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NinaJd said it the way I see it a lot of the time too:

QUOTE: …. it makes me look at how a horse is acting and what they are doing with their mouth and if I know the person well I always ask them if they’ve tried a different bit to correct a problem. Never ceases to amaze me how many people’s answer is just, “why? he’s just being difficult”
Maybe if you listened to your horse better, you’d know something was wrong. ”

I agree with Leslie on the milder bits too, “try first.”

I didn’t even know what was considered a mild bit or a harsh bit? it was a very confusing learning curve for me in the beginning. but then saddles and fitting saddles was also a learning curve back then. I was so confused and upon asking others or checking with my locale feed store for information, only got me more confused.

like saddles, the bit is just as important to horses in fitting and what they need. I don’t consider any bit to be a bad bit per se’, just some bits I wouldn’t dare to use on my horses, cause I don’t know how to handle the bits themselves. some people are heavy handed on the reins, and some are not, bits choices also go along with this fact. what could be the right bit for the horse, still could be in the wrong hands. this much I have learned, and have had to adjust myself even with my own horses and pay attentions to what I am doing with what bit I am using on what horses. I have a sensitive horse that a touch will do, a little movement of reins and that is it, the bit isn’t even being directly moved. then I have horses that need the bit actions to move them, a light touch don’t get it with them, more action in the hand, seat and bit is needed to request movement in the way I desire them to go.

I been using a bitless in training on one of my horses, only because a movement of reins is all is needed, and near ready to move him to the bitless on a permanent basis.. but I could not ask my other horse to go bitless (yet?), because he needs a leg, a rein and a slight pull on the bit to make him take action or correct movements (not to mention his not neck reined either, his learning).

still and all, getting information to others and what bits are used for what needs per horse is still very important topic, and it amazes me like it does NinaJd how much people really don’t know about the bit and its affect on the horses themselves.

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