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It’s so hard when we love them as much as we do and they won’t easily let us care for them the way we know to sometimes (because they are not always compliant, the bums :D). I have a big boy here (Pheets) that refused a blanket last night. Needless to say, when I went out at 4 am just for his wardrobe adjustment, he was a whole lot more co-operative. I didn’t sleep well knowing he’ll be cold in the am (I hear you loud and clear, love my boy, too : ) . Problem here (New England) is that as much as the temps will get low, it is still too warm to put a decent sheet/cover over them at midnight. Doesn’t get COLD (yet) until around 4 am and only cold till the sun’s been up for an hour or so. I so am not a fan of what this time of year demands, lol!

Good luck to you and your boy, I know it can be frustrating at times.

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