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Oh, this just screams NIGERIAN SCAM!

I disagree that people trained in AMERSLAN (sign language) would misspell words and use poor grammar. I spent 25 years teaching special ed, and believe me, there’s no relationship between spelling, grammar, and deafness.

There used to be a website where a woman who called herself “Bustedupcowgirl” played scams back on these folks. It was hilarious! She actually got money from them instead of getting taken.

I wound up getting a few similar offers, my fave being the one that wanted to buy my daughter’s Breyer model horse for his imaginary daughter to ride. Same EFL language errors but a lot more ALL CAPS. LOL I explained that it was a plastic horse, but the “buyer” was undeterred, and we went through a hilarious process during which I told him the mare wouldn’t be suitable as she was a little wild, but I had a pair of garden weasels for the same price. We were on the verge of a deal when I blew him up. When he figured out I was busting on him, he cursed me and my children into eternity. I still laugh every time I think about it.
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