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Leslie Leslie
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I like the slow feed hay bags because then you can make sure there is hay in front of them at all times – helps prevent ulcers, colic, and boredom.

I would recommend a ground hay feeder, though. Eating up high is not a natural position for them to eat and can cause a few problems with time. Their teeth won’t wear the same way as when they are chewing with their heads down – so might mean the dentist needs to come more often. One of the horses at the barn I used to work at had hay bags because he was very susceptible to colic – and last year he was diagnosed with neck arthritis. The vet mentioned constantly eating up high and having to contort his neck/head in an unnatural position could have contributed.

I also recommend ones with wider netting (such as the Nibble Nets) rather than the thin netting – I read a story once about a horse getting it’s tooth caught in the thin netting. Obviously this is not a common occurrence, but it would be awful if it did happen!

Not all the hay bags can just be thrown on the ground though – look for one that is specifically made for that purpose. There are a lot of home-made options as well. - handmade custom wood-burned brushes, stall signs, & portraits, etched glasses, and custom stuffed ponies