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Haaay! (lol) This is CLW the poster that acquired a porta-grazer XL for our two IR 17 yr. old Morgan geldings. We are a few days into using it, switching it back and forth between the two at feeding times that are in adjacent dry lots. This slow feeder is very tough heavy duty grade material. I am impressed with the quality and function of it. Both horses had it figured out in a nano second, how to operate it. They knock it over, stand it up, roll it around, stand it up again, spin the restriction tub to expose more strands of hay to graze. It has added a considerable amount of time to how long it takes for them to consume the same amount of hay that I am feeding from a tripled slow feed hay net. They are more relaxed and content because there tummies are happier. I gave it to the one that trashes his stall over night, last night, what a difference! Just a couple of piles along the back wall without all the stirring of the stall. I did tether it in the corner. The extra tiny fines that are left over from the hay accumulate along the outside edge around the inside of the bottom, unaccessible to the horse. I think I am going to order another one so they both have one all the time.