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Hi there. Overweight horses are everywhere. I have 2 Morgans that are easy keepers and a half Arabian mare who has EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome). After 2 bouts of laminitis (one in the half Arabian, and another in the 16 yr old Morgan mare, I was told by my vet that I HAD to get some weight off them. My 14.3 16 yo Morgan was 1100 lb, and my smaller 14.1 Morgan (15 yo)was 975 lb. The Arabian was 15.3 and over 900 lb. Not a lot overweight but but she is the one who had a solor abcess and BAD laminitis. I was told to soak her hay (at least 90% of it 20-30 min) and add Thyrol L to her feed 2x a day. I did the same routine for the bigger Morgan. Since April the Arabian has lost over 150 LB and the smaller Morgan has lost 138 pounds (no Thyro L), and the Half Arab has lost over 100 pounds.The Morgans get 1 hr turnout in am and 1 hr in pm on grass. The EMS mare gets only a few mouthfuls. I try to ride them 1/2 hr each 2-3x a week.More turnout will come in winter when no grass. Lunge when possible, when riding is out. It worked for more crests either.