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When we adopted our first- a Belgian / Gypsy Vanner Cross she was a chunk and a half. Our vet immediately told us that she was going to need a diet and we were going to need to slim her down. She has a grazing muzzle that she wears when she is outside (she does not wear it as much in the winter but spring, fall, summer she has it on whenever she is out) and for feed she gets Enrich 32. It gives her the nutrients she needs but not the calories. Plus she only needs to get a little bit of it– it comes in a pellet form though so she thinks she is getting grain. Our paint gelding was also packing on the lbs and was showing signs of possible laminitis. The vet had us throw a grazing muzzle on him and only give him a handful of grain- JUST so he didn’t feel left out. But she said he really didn’t need it. The only two who can honestly free graze in our herd are our two OTTBs…who go to town and love to eat and thank goodness b/c they need it. I would say possibly try the grazing muzzle and a different kind of feed.