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Greetings GHFrider, we who enjoy the Morgan breed stand proud and embrace our daily challenges of being out smarted by our equines. Don’t cha’ just love that look on their faces when they have gotten it all figured out and sometimes all taken apart. Proud of their accomplishments! That expression that says “Did you see that? My latest greatest new trick”
Check out the “Porta-Grazer” at ,I would be interested to hear your thoughts about it. If it delivers what it claims, we are going to have a whole new brain game out in our dry lots. Since my geldings have become so skilled with the slow feed hay nets, they are overdue for a totally new challenge. It is not an inexpensive feeder, but when you compare it to the money I have spent on the number of hay nets I have went through, it’s going to pay for its self quicker than you think. I have ordered one to try and it is suppose to arrive on Monday….If you or anyone else cares to hear about how our experience goes with it, I will share if asked.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and advice