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‘Morning, CLW. 🙂

Yes, the Morgans are about as sneaky and funny as a horse can be and still live. LOL My daughter’s grandfather (I disowned him at that point) bought her a Morgan yearling when she was 12. There followed 16 years of hilarity. The story I’ve told to death about them involves walking into the barn to hear “smack! Stop touching me!” He’d keep just his whiskers on her arm or neck while she groomed and seemed delighted when he’d get a rise out of her. Sometimes they’d both be standing still and she’d reach out and give him a gentle smack. I’d say, “What was that for?”, and she’d say, “He knows what he was doing even if we don’t.” Everyone loved him and he loved everyone who laughed at his jokes.

I looked at the grazer, and my first reaction (I don’t have Morgans now, more’s the pity) was that Zip, my big Paint, would have that sucker all over the pasture in minutes. He likes to tip over and drag the 100-gallon water trough so I can see from the window of the house when it’s empty. The grazer would have to be staked to the ground with a concrete chunk buried to hold it for it to still be in place. It has handles. ‘Nuff said. LOL I’ve seen similar, heavier, more expensive versions that might work better with tricky horses, but I wonder about how easy they are to clean. I hate the dust and hay fines that accumulate at the bottom of most feeders.

Let me know how it goes, though. It could be the answer to a lot of owners’ prayers.

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