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Lots of hay in a small mesh hay net. You can try toys like ropes, jolly balls, etc, but I’ve found most of them are ignored. I do have a gelding (not on stall rest) that will occasionally play with a rope I have tied in his stall. If the horse is not an easy keeper you can try food toys like the Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Balls or the likit toys.

If you are at a lively barn, moving to a stall where your horse can see all the action can help, if your horse is the sort that doesn’t get agitated by that sort of thing.

You could also build a 12×12 or 12×14 corral outside and give the horse a few supervised hours of turnout.

Also, don’t be afraid to drug the horse if necessary. It does no one any good if you have a horse constantly pacing and having fits while on stall rest. Ace is my go to for this type of thing.

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