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I tried Perfect Prep on my three-quarters Thoroughbred and it didn’t do anything for him, even when I put him on the loading dose for much longer than suggested.

So I am still looking for a ‘legal’ calming supplement that will work when we compete at recognized shows, and have just order SmartCalm Ultra. Fingers crossed!

For everyday use you might like to try Daily Calm from Springtime Inc. Its main ingredient is ginseng which isn’t ‘legal’ because it counts as a herb, but it really keeps my over-reactive gelding focused and calm. That is my normal training supplement for him when we’re not under USDF rules, as it is a cheaper way to keep him calm yet still attentive and forward going and not at all ‘drugged.’

You need to take your horse off it for seven days before a USDF show. (Which is why I’m looking for a ‘legal’ supplement.)

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