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I swear by MagRestore. Its a magneisium supplement. My horse before I put him on it had gone through trauma when he was younger, he got passed between 8 homes when he was 2-5. He was also really spooky and tense. Within DAYS I saw a huge difference in him, he was so much more calm and lovey, not tense and looky!! Under saddle for him was the major difference. He used to buck and spook and even went through a period of rearing if he didn’t like something. He was always tense and tight in his back and neck also. He was so much calmer – no spooky looky just a nice relaxed and generally happy horse!! He has come milestones in his training ever since he has been on Mag Restore!! Off property he used to be a nightmare and I had to get lead around only at the walk otherwise he would take off bucking and loosing his mind. Now he is a cool cucumber winning classes!! Even my chiropracter noticed a large difference, Splash has always had a very tight SI in his back and the first time he worked on Splash since he was on MagRestore the SI was much loosed and Splash was much more cooperative!! Before MagRestore I tried SmartCalm and Mare Magic. SmartCalm did nothing for Splash, and Made Magic made him crazy! Since Splash has been on MagRestore everyone at my barn notices what a difference it had made for him – so much that there are now 3 horses in the barn that are also on it and striving!!!Please give MagRestore a try – you won’t regret it!!

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