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I, too, am looking for something short term. I have a wonderful gelding (my beautiful and dearly loved Pheets, for those that might have read other posts of mine) that has security issues but loves trails and wants out. He is not spooky, actually the opposite: has to touch smelltastetouchseeheartouch EVERYthing! He just gets over stimulated and then can’t find his brain or his emotional base and then we have a panic party. The trailer is an issue more about leaving home than loading or going out, if that makes any sense…. As badly as he wants to be out and about, in his heart which is not bold, he just can’t get there from here. I do believe that medicating him in a short and shallow acting way can help with the first few outings but I am not sure what to use. I have tried UtraCalm but I am not happy with his neediness and skittish behaviour on it (not his normal personality), it did not solve the problem, plus, it is no longer available in a powder form (he has dental conditions that warrant soft feeds, no pellets) He is an older yet very athletic horse, expressive and joyful beyond my ability or my nerve. We both need a little help for the first couple times out…just til the novelty wears off, if it will… Any experiences or suggestions?

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