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I have a 8 year old wind sucker / cribbed whom I got as a yearling, and a 4 year old chewer / stall walker whom I got before turning 2. Both of them came with these challenges. I know the first homes of both horses and each ones dam did the same things and both had spent at least half of each day turned out. In my barn both are on 24 hour turn out. They are only stalled in extreme weather. For my 8 year old Cribbing collars did not help at all. I tried the nastiest tasting things I could spray and he actually licked the bottle… Though I could taste it myself for days! Dish detergent can help. I slather on Dswn. Also Ivory soap will slow them down. Best thing I found was to run my electro-braid fencing wire along my turnout walls and I dont have wood fencing at all. Barn looks odd but at least he can be grained without cribbing between bites and his feed dish is kept in a tire on the ground. He has two trees he sucks on but I never grain or hay him near those. They get alot of hay. The 4 year old has no issues when turned out. Good luck with yours.