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Agreeing with the crowd here…. she’s bored. You can use products to help her quit chewing the wood but then she’ll need something else to do. A very smart trainer once told me that animals “can’t do a ‘no’ … you can interrupt but then you need to redirect”. Making the wood icky is certainly a good idea but giving her something to occupy her mind is also important. My guy JoJo has a great view from his stall he loves watching the action and there’s a sign on his door that says “say hello or sing me a song” he loves the visits. He also has one of the small hole haynets from SmartPak. I sometimes drizzle some starbucks sugar free caramel syrup through the middle to make it extra interesting. Your girl is probably very smart that’s why she’s bored, smart can be a good thing. Good luck and give her a hug from me and JoJo.