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Ok so the signs of colic are biting or nipping the stomach, flank watching (where your horse will look at his flank and/or hindquarters), pacing, repeated lying down or rising (a classic sign is when I horse is down rolling, but this can also be mistaken for a horse that is just rolling in the grass/dust), groaning, increased pulse rate, loss of appetite, and decreased fecal output. There are many more but these are a few that would raise a red flag for me. I’d suggest you’d Google it to really get a full chart on the signs and symptoms (hang it up in your barn too for easy emergency access). Colic in horses can occur in horses of all ages but I think (I could be wrong) it happens more in younger and older horses. But all horses are prone to it.

Is there something that makes you think one of your horses might have colic?

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