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I also use Horsemen’s Lab and have been pleased with the service, though a little doubtful about the results.

The return after you send the sample in is very quick, but with the fecal method, if you get a positive result, you have to do a second fecal a couple weeks after deworming – which raises costs for me and profit for the company, giving rise to the possibility of false positives.

I also wonder about how long a sample is good for before it’ll show no sign of worms/eggs, simply from age (or possibly heat?). My horse usually shows high positive every 3 months, but this last one – in the height of summer – the results were negative. That has made me a little suspicious.

One of these days, just to allay my concerns, I’m going to do a fecal both with Horsemens Lab, and my vet, from the same sample, so I can compare results.

I’d love to hear from anyone that might have information about whether (or how fast) mailed fecal samples can degrade, and the experiences of others who are using, or have used, Horsemens Lab.

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