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When you say what to look for on the bottle, not sure if you’re referring to fly spray or shampoo, and if you mean what to avoid or what to use, so I’ll cover each of those. The fly spray that caused a reaction in a horse I know was an all natural spray and my advice would be that if you’re using an all natural or botanical based fly spray to use it on a small test area first and see whether it causes any reaction. As far as shampoo, look for medicated shampoos for horses. Microtek by Eqyss and Absorbine Medicated Shampoo are highly recommended and use tea tree oil and various botanicals known to be soothing. There are other medicated shampoos out there but these are the two I’ve used and personally know of their effectiveness. If despite these measures the hives persist, you may want to consider medications available through your vet, such as dexamethasone. Also the omega 3 fatty acids (found in flaxseed oil or ground flaxseed supplements such as HorseShine) are highly effective in having an anti-inflammatory effect and have been the most effective in helping our gelding. The HorseShine helps prevent the hives, the shampoo can’t prevent, it just helps soothe and calm the irritated skin once the inflammation takes place. Hope this helps you find what you need to give your horses some relief next summer!

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