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I found your response to be quite rude and far from helpful. Not all Arabs are hot, and since I have posted this, he has calmed down some. I have a feeling it was the weather change. I said nothing about not liking his personality – in fact, I just wanted to know what else I could do to help him considering he seemed to have a ton of energy, and what we were doing wasn’t helping him expend it. He is in a full training program including being ridden 3x and week and lunged 2 – 3x a week doing different exercises besides just going in a circle. He has a job. I am aware that his age contributes to his energy as does his breed. I have been told many times he will focus more as he gets older, so I’m aware of that. I am NOT pumping him full of calming supplements. He is on a very low dose because he also can be a bit anxious at times which he is also growing out of. I apologize in advance if I misread the tone of your response, but it was a bit rude to me.