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Leslie Leslie
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Pilates will help strengthen your core and in turn help with the hunching.

Also making sure you have good posture throughout the day will help too… Sit up while on the computer, watching TV, eating, etc… These muscles need to be able to hold position for an extended period of time so the more practice you have the better.

Heels down is easier to work on with stirrups, you need to put your weight in your heels when you ride, and when you ride without stirrups you can’t really do that, all you can do is flex your ankle which isn’t quite the same. In other words…your heel drops as a result of putting weight in it, not as a result of turning your toe upward.

Standing with the balls of your feet on the edge of a stair step and sinking down into your heels will help stretch the right muscles making it easier to put your heels down, but if your problem is having your weight in the wrong place not flexibility then that’s something you’ll need to work on in the saddle. Try lots of two-point 🙂

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