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I would pick a more traditional coat regardless, just because it’ll be timeless. Grand Prix and RJ both make nice soft shells. Navy and black are the colors nowadays. Pikeur and TS are the main breeches around, although what’s most important is that they’re tan and not puke green. Front or side zips are fine, I personally prefer the look of front zip though. Belts are wide and fill out belt loops- generally around 1.5″-2″. In terms of helmets, GPAs, Samshield, CO, OneK, and KEP are the preferred A circuit brands. Black on black is the standard, though you sometime see brown/brown, black/grey or navy/navy. In terms of show shirts, the snap collars are very popular, however now the technical shirts with the venting (Essex Talent Yarn shirts) are incredibly popular. In terms of boots, zippers and leather sock look. They’re form fitting and well fitting. Dress boots (sans laces) are becoming a little more popular, particular in the eq and jumpers, though I wear a pair of Parlanti dress boots in the hunters.