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I think Dr. Wagner’s “R & R” prescription is spot on – he may have been pressured during the “training” and needs both mental and physical relief.
Being a nutritionist, I also like to make sure that the diet is optimal; if there are any major deficiencies or excesses this can make a difference on the effectiveness of any treatments you use. Horse owners are often surprised when, with just getting all the basic or “minimum” nutritional needs met, a lot of other issues seem to improve dramatically. No “magic bullets”, just a solid nutritional foundation.
At minimum, I would want to use a well rounded supplement that supplies at least his daily requirements for most minerals and vitamins. But you need to be cautious in supplementing major minerals – unless you test the hay (which should be the foundation of his diet) first you may worsen things like calcium-phosphorus ratios instead of making them better.
I would start with something like Glanzen3 or LinPro which have high levels of copper and zinc, plus provide Omega-3 and some other important nutrients.
Add iodized salt or use plain salt plus Source for iodine If not on pasture, add extra vitamin E.
I would also talk with my vet about checking thyroid and selenium levels. Thyroid function is a bit like the conductor of the orchestra for what goes on in the rest of the body, while selenium helps everything stay on key.
You can check for more information on testing your hay.

Hope this helps.
Patti Woodbury Kuvik
in Vail AZ