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Thank you for your input. Desert, Trace is also on Smart Omega 3 and gets a fortified feed (Stratgy). I can’t do much about the hay as he’s boarded, but they do get plenty of it and it’s second cutting and appears nice and green. I may have some bloodwork pulled this spring to check overall health, but my gut feeling says that’s not it. I did try natural vitamin e for a few months too with no change.

Saphire, it is a bummer! Today I bundled up and took him for a walk around the farm since he’s on his sabbatical. My vet is doing the hock injections Friday so we’ll see how that goes. Adequan is great but sometimes it’s just not enough. After the injections I am going to use Pentosan from Wedgwood as follow up, and flr the first time in years, discontinue oral joint supplements. I really wanted to believe they worked but I’ve been feeding them since he was 7 and obviously, they haven’t helped. I hope your guy gets better too. You have to start small (like Adequan) and work up from there to see what helps. It feels liks such guesswork!