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thank you for the added information. my mare is not itching in the tail area. she does have a hypersensitivity to bug bites and she has some bumps on her back that seem to itch. She is happy when I scratch them.
Its the way the hair falls out that is perplexing. there is no rubbing.
just can take out hairs by the root just by touching it. When I rinse out her tail I get loads of short tail hairs out on the wash rack. I am not using shampoo when I rinse her tail- just cool water to get the dust out.

Any other ideas or experiences would be sincerely appreciated.
I have an equine nutritionist coming out to look at her next week.
I had a mane hair sample analysis done and it shows some deficiencies and imbalances. I have had her on smart pak supplements for quite some time so its disappointing that there are problems in the nutrition side of things.