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I completely agree with your observation. He is being a brat, and he’s gotten a huge ego over the summer (one large reason why I have a strong dislike for other people riding him – he learns bad habits and him going away for the summer was like the last nail on the coffin). Its only gotten worse with the winter months since I can’t exercise him as much (no indoor and iced over rings, no trail riding since he’s not a trail horse). We’ve made progress, but I’m getting plain frustrated since I watch my instructor hop on him and he’s perfect but the second my butts in the saddle he turns into a speed demon.

The ground exercises I will definitely try out, but sadly I’m not allowed to lunge at my barn. My instructor is more about toughing it out, and when I approached her about the lunging she said it wouldn’t be any use, that “I’m the one with the problem”.

So I’m back to square one, but thank you for your suggestions!

Yes I do Dressage, no I am not afraid to jump.