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this looks to be an old injury, if its scarring from an old injury, as it looks to be perhaps a wire cut, adding some sort of support might help, something like a bar shoe, to see if the area will knit , it looks to me like the coronet was injured and thats where the split is grown down from. since this horse is young yet, I think i would try the bar shoe and see if it would take the stress off that area until its finished growing out , perhaps with the support and trimming every four to six weeks, it will still become stronger and more normal. As long as there is weight forcing it apart from the ground force, its going to break down and tend to shift , the foot /hoof spreads when weight bearing, as long as that happens, it will continue.. you could go to a good farriers forum and have some input from there as well…but as long as there is weight and not enough support– it will continue to spread and therefor split.