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Reply To: hives

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I have used benadryl tablets crushed and given in an oral syringe. I dose it by weight and gave 10-12 for my 1500 pound horse. Atarax was the antihistamine the vet gave me which was wickedly expensive and not helpful. Atarax and benadryl are the same class of medicine. I gave the benadryl for an acute case of enormous hives with swelling of the face from a beesting. I gave tagamet with it as that is an H-2 blocker. the vet was not nearby and I did not have any dexamethasone on hand.It worked well but I wouldn’t want to give benadryl for a chronic case of hives as it is sedating and doesn’t seem to work very well for that. I now keep dexamethasone in the barn but just for emergency reactions. It may temporarily get rid of chronic hives but they will likely come back

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