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without insurance we would prob be out on the street having to pay for my mares past medical bills. We have had a policy with Markel since she was young and we first got her, and it has mostly been very good. Like all equine insurance, sometimes when you make a medical claim, on your next policy renewal (done every year), they will “exclude” that disease or body part (so if your horse has an eye condition, they wont cover any treatment for the eyes whatsoever for example)-this has happened to us with my mare, but she is still covered for most things, including accidents which is the most important thing (it can be a MAJOR unexpected expense). I dont think this is a fair policy, but i havent heard of an equine insurer that doesnt do this, so just be prepared for that to possibly happen. all in all, it has been worth having, and Markel did not immediately exclude her eyes on the first policy renewal we had after her condition developed, so we got an extra year of coverage because of that…they are allways very nice and sorry to hear when your horse is sick or injured. We allways deal with the same woman when we call (or email).

also-for many horses, they may not be insurable forever. older horses may not be eligible for medical or surgical ins…so all the premiums you pay when they are younger “could” have gone into a bank acct to cover expenses when they get older, but that wont help you if they get hurt as youngsters and that bank acct isnt very large. So its kind of a guessing game as to which is best for you. I recommend putting emergency money away in a fund somewhere for your horse and adding to it when you can. that will help you cover deductibles if used early, or cover bigger expenses later in your horses life when they will surely need more medical care, and may no longer be insurable. Having good credit, readily available (a credit card with a high line of credit) is important as well, since you may need to put medical expenses on a card at some point (even if your ins will eventually pay, your vet may require a deposit prior to treatment).

also-read your policy carefully! typically, you need to let the ins company know as soon as your horse is injured or becomes sick, pref before the vet is called. as well-if you want your mortality payout, you MUST get approval from your ins company BEFORE you euthanize your horse regardless of reason.

Just a few tips! hope you never need to use it, but for me it was worth having! (my mare ran through a wire fence and slashed herself in multiple places (down to the bone in one), required specialist surgery and a 10 day hospital stay-NOT CHEAP! then she was in the vet hosp for a MONTH with an ulcer on her eye…again NOT CHEAP!) I am a big proponent of wood fencing!