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Hi! I can be of help coming from the leasing side as I lease two wonderful geldings since their owner doesn’t quite have enough time to ride since she’s working a lot. I do own my own horse as well so I understand not wanting to sell and all but a lease can be tricky, there are different kinds of leases; full-lease, half-lease, and free-lease are among the most common. I do what’s called a half-lease. I pay a monthly fee to ride up to 3 days a week. No more than that. That’s a half lease and the horse stays on their property. Now a full-lease is basically they can ride however many days they can or want to (if I’m correct) for a monthly fee and the horse usually stays with the owner, but arrangements can be made to move him/her. A free-lease is not necessarily “free” as it’s more of an option like a full lease. The free lease however is a little more lenient. You can do a free-lease type where they pay for feed, feet, vet, etc. or they can lease the horse on their property for a monthly fee or pay for feed, feet, or vet while you still keep up with the other parts feed, feet, vet, which ever the leasee doesn’t do. Now I can’t say all this is 100% accurate as I’ve only ever done a half-lease. But I think these are some good general guide lines for you. Make sure you have your agreement and liability forms signed and work out who’s responsible for what so there’s no problems occurring during the lease. I love leasing and it can be a great experience for owner and the person leasing if it’s done right. Hope this helped! Happy leasing!

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