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I would have a vet check done before I tried any retraining. Arthritis, bone spurs, bone chips…even in young horses, they can cause the same problem. And just a thought, but make sure he doesn’t have a bean in the channel for his urinary tract! It’s a frequently overlooked source of pain for a gelding. A friend was shocked when the pony she’d been riding for years refused to pick up the lead in one direction and started bucking to boot. She had the vet out. She’d never learned about sheath cleaning and had the horse for 8 years before she found out that there could be such a problem. There was a bean the size of a butter bean and hard as a rock, and the horse was immediately much improved after its removal. Seriously. It sounds ridiculous, but I’ve got a gelding that forms beans regularly despite being cleaned after every ride, and the change in his movement is noticeable. I had to have the vet do the job once when the problem became more than I could fix, and again, the change was noticeable immediately.
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