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I have a senior horse with a great deal of arthritis in his hocks. He’d reached the point a few years ago where if the shoer lifted the horse’s back leg, I had to massage the joint to get it to release so he could put it back down. The vet recommended Recovery EQ (I use the Extra Strength or HA), and in two weeks the horse was running and bucking and hasn’t had a problem since.

That said, I’m not entirely in favor of giving supplements as a preventative. I don’t think there’s been any definitive research to show that they’re effective, nor can there be since there’s no way to unsupplement the same horse and let it live the time period over. Every horse has different joint issues, and some never really have a problem if they weren’t used hard or ridden in a collected frame. I agree with NinaJD. Just feed him a healthy diet with anti-inflammatory qualities and avoid the kinds of uses (research has shown that reining, jumping, dressage, and barrel racing are hardest on joints) that cause early arthritic changes, and he should have a healthy life.
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