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Best bet is to first talk to your vet about your concerns and let them advise you accordingly. Then researchresearchresearch! There are SOOO many joint supplements available and by many big brand names. Choosing the right one can be an expensive and long, drawn out trial and errour period for you and your horse if you aren’t sure what you are specifically treating for. I know many folks will treat prophylactically (just in case) tho I personally am not quite convinced of the value in that approach. There is also the question of how effective oral supplements really are. I am not solid on that point, either, sorry!

A good and consistent conditioning/riding programme, complete diet and thoughtful care (to horse AND equipment) could be pretty effective for a sound and happy 9 yo for now : ) Talk to your vet, they know a whole lot more about you, your horse and the path to your goals than I do 😀

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