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response to both answers and posts.

he is perfect alone, and not a bit of trouble and so easy to get along with (like we are unified during that time), is just in group trail riding. out on the competitions he is perfect also – darn winner most of the time – just the friends and leisure riding trails I have issues with him.

this statement makes sense : “If he is more relaxed out alone, that might confirm the competitive issue”.

maybe he is possibly only going to be a competitive horse? I never had a horse that was like that. where trails and competition is too different things, I ride all my horses in both activities and this one guy is the only one that seems to have this different behavior on one thing and perfect behavior on another. ?

he gets along great at a competitive situation with other horses, but flat ears everyone on the trails, and won’t let anyone get ahead of him. his never kicked or cared to show a kicking behavior on competition events, but has recently started the kicking the horse behind him if they get too close? that is also a new thing recently. I rode him in parades and he does fantastic and is predictable in that group settings. which to me, maybe not him, is similar to group trail ride?

all these statements provided sort of makes sense to me:
1. “Maybe he is just not a trail horse”
2. ” It’s like he has his own job to do and it’s not about following others”
3. “If it is his personality, I doubt you are ever going to change it materially so I suggest you start letting him lead and try to get him relaxed so that he can be next to another horse”
4.”Perhaps he does not see the trail experience as a work effort but some sort of weird turnout where he has to take you along”
5.”You need a horse that really enjoys being out and one that can work with other horses around. The round pen and around the barn there is usually no one else that bothers you. Horse is by himself. Maybe your horse thinks he has to dominate with others and can’t concentrate on the job at hand?? ”

this forum does help, thank you so much. sometimes a person can’t see the forest for the trees. which in this case that is just what I needed to see from other people perspective. I have been emotionally involved with this horse from the get go, he was green then and had to work with him a great deal thru various things and we come a long way in our time together, and we are tight the two of us. but maybe he just isn’t going to relax and be a leisurely trail horse, maybe he does need the competitive aspects, and now that I think of it, its when he is the most relaxed and cooperative with me, and is terrible at trail riding and I don’t have any fun with him any more then he does with me in that kind of environment.
that’s ok, I have another horse that does well on trails, not as smooth but a lot more predictable and willing to go the trails in a friendly manner. just need a softer saddle for my butt with my other horse, LOL!

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