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My suggestion is — love him for what he is and what he can do where he does it right and don’t force him to do something he hates — do what he likes to do and does well

this is more then likely the solution and what I will end up doing with my saddle bred horse (bat). I am now working with my new horse (C.C., a fox trotter), for trails and camping trips only. his a good natured horse, he has not done anything other then trail riding in his past life and owners and so far seems to enjoy it comfortable and without issues about it. his a little rougher then my other horse. but I am looking for a nice Australian saddle (no horn) that will fit the new horse and myself, for those long distant ridings we like doing. I have two big long distance trail rides coming up this month and will be taking the CC out on his first long rides on these trips coming up, will see then how things go and if I can for a change enjoy the trip and friends riding. wish me luck as the horse I will be on is a new guy for me.

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