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Before you go with all kinds of shoeing and feed changes, find out WHY your horse developed laminitis in the. First place. There’s a list of reasons from excessive conduction to a variety of metabolic disorders. Until you isolate the cause, you cannot treat the laminitis. For example, if your horse has cushings or a thyroid problem, but you haven’t tested him to start the proper medication, but you’re pulling/changing shoes and keeping him off grass, you’re not addressing the problem and your horse will continue to become more laminitic.

When were the last set of films taken? If you have not yet done so, DO IT NOW! You need to continue to x-Ray to make sure the horse hasn’t rotated. You won’t know if/how much rotation there is unless you have films to compare to.

I would get your vet out right away for x-rays and to discuss causes. Laminitis can be a very chronic disease, and it can quickly turn to serious founder if you do not treat it properly.