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Wow, I would have loved all the options and treatments your horse received.

I know right? My girl has had laminitis for a long time and I am just so tired of it. >.<
Ok so what I’ve done is find an A+++++ farrier who is willing to work with the problem (my first one sucked and made her worse), and then when I found him, he recommended I put her on Farriers Formula. That stuff is awesome I tell you. (Picky eater approved too! Smells like V8 so yeah!)
So I’ve had her on it for 2 months now, and she isn’t is as much pain as she used to be before, not a lot of limping and she runs at liberty now!!! Her hooves look great and she still can’t be ridden, might be a long while, might be never again, don’t know.
I’ve noticed growth to her hoof wall (our major problem is not enough wall) so far it’s working and I love it.
He also said I need to give her exercise (in hand) so that the hoof wall will get the idea it needs to grow grow grow! And that’s been helping too.
I also have her on a supplement called Remission. That is for horses that are prone to becoming laminitis suspects. I think it helps, not as much as the FF, but I use it in conjunction with the FF. Also she is barefoot.

So there’s my 2 cents worth, hope your horse feels better!! (and all of y’alls horses that have laminitis too!)

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