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PiaffeNpassage, for what it’s worth, I grow my own hay. What’s in the hay is almost the same as what’s in the pasture as they’re side-by-side. Yet the two oldest horses have this issue twice a year even with Triple Crown Complete as their only grain ration. But if this poster is buying hay from assorted makers, that could be the problem. Good suggestion! And as a hay producer, I know for a fact that the weather greatly affects the assay of the hay. This year the last of our first cutting actually had second cutting coming up under it because it was so late, so this will be some very tasty hay indeed! LOL Last year we had a drought during the winter, so the pastures and hay fields were full of an invasive grass with virtually no nutritional value. Oddly, it was the first time the old guys only had a day or so of loose stools. It’s a tough problem!
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