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I tried several GI tract supplements for one of my old mares that didn’t seem to do anything. This old mare, did well on summer grasses, but in winter….she did not do well on hay. This mare was gasey, and had problems with her manure getting too wet …and then too dry. I had her scoped for ulcers by my vet (negative, she didn’t have them). Still to me she seemed to have some type of serious stomach issues…very gasey, and problems with manure either getting too loose or too hard…it varied greatly from day to day. She is old and has bad teeth and chewing issues due to the teeth. She still does fine in summer with lots of grass…but she has a hard time in winter on hay. The winter before last, I started feeding her chopped hay (“High Fiber Gold”) mixed with her grain..and it helped a lot to keep winter weight on her, but it was still a tough winter on her, still I was extremely glad I discovered the benefits of chopped hay. (it does not vary as much as winter hay does…during this past winter, ever load I got was a different quality…and sometimes the quality was extremely low…but the chopped hay was the same…all year long…great quality control all year long), All my horses now get chopped hay mixed with their grain all year long, I think it helps buffer the grain load at meal times, and it definitely makes the horse chew it’s grain ..they can’t bolt it down, plus my one mare that use to paw a hole to china at feeding time…is so much calmer about feed time, that she no longer paws at feed time (which is a huge time saver in stall floor repairs). Still, as much as the chopped hay helped get her though winter two years ago…I was very nervous last fall about winter coming up…so I bite the bullet and I put her on the SUCCEED CHALLENGE in the fall (before winter arrived) and wow, did that help her. She is still on the daily paste, and her coat/skin has never looked better. She is way less gasey, she is way more healthy looking all over…and her manure is perfect all the time! She doesn’t appear to have the stomach aches like she used to get! All in all, it’s definitely helped her. You might want to look into it…you can take the succeed challenge….and if it doesn’t work for your horse in 60 days, they’ll send you ..your money back. There are conditions…you have to get your vet to check to make sure she does not have ulcers (including in hindgut) first. They will send your vet their test for that. Of course if it is ulcers, you will need to treat that first. But if it is ulcers…you would want to know and to fix that first even if you weren’t going on the succeed challenge. My mare didn’t have ulcers. But it really helped her.