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I would offer you support, TBxQH, but as you already read, I am not having great success, either. You DO have my sympathy! As for dosing, I went straight to the oral syringe, crushed the Doxy in a Bullet with a few peppermint chips, added it to warm water and some applesauce and gave it to my little guy that way. HIS protocol is that anything goes as long as a family member be on each side of him and there just better be a few extra pepps after the deed but I had/have no problems with him other than that. I am lucky to have such a fine gentleman in the herd, ‘specially where The Pheets is the POLAR opposite : ) Currently, he seems to be Lyme symptom free but we are now into oak leaves and the resulting dance on THAT front. I am exhausted, yes 😀

The best I can do is wish you luck (really lame, I apologize), and if I hear of anything new and improved, or even remotely effective, I will certainly let you in on it! I DO appreciate hearing that I am not alone with the frustration of this obnoxious disease. Small comfort, but I’ll take it. Thank you for writing, TBxQH, I hope you as well as your horse(s) fare well : )

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