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how long have you had him?
I recently(3 months ago) rescued an abused horse as well. The first 3 weeks I had him I kept him by himself and spent a lot of time just being with him. Brushing him, rubbing him, talking to him, feeding him, etc. Just so he would get some trust in me that I wasn’t going to hurt him. After our bonding time, I started working with him in the round pen.
Once he trusted me, he was a changed horse. I can do almost anything to this boy and he’s ok with it all. He just looks to me for reassurance that it’s ok and won’t hurt him.
Seeing as your boy is still a baby, it might take a little longer. It sounds like he had a rough start, so I would just take it slow. Maybe hold off on any training, besides your basic ground manners and maybe some ground work. Just take the time to bond with him. Let him know that you’re there to help him and won’t ever hurt him. Gentle voice, gentle touch. But don’t baby him, that will only hinder him.
Good luck. You can change his life for the better. Take your time doing it. =)

"Take the time it takes, so that it takes less time."
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