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Hi, I’ve had him only about 3 months also, and I am now seeing signs of improvement. I can pick up his front feet, and touch (and sometimes) pick up his rears. He is afraid of the stiff brush, kind of panics at the sound and maybe the feel of it, but will be calm with a soft brush. So soft it is! I found myself in a possition of being “over” him yesterday, and that didn’t bother him, so I leaned my weight on his back, and that didn’t bother him either. What a surprise. He still pulls away quickly when I remove his halter, but is coming over to see me at his leisure, just for a scratch. His balking is getting less determined, and I can pull a blanket over his body and face. So, we are making progress. Just a note on him physically, his weight is perfect now, from a bag of bones to beautifully rounded, and his color has changed from being a silver body with dark points, to a blood bay roan. Just to show what good nutrition can do for a malnurished animal. I have really high hopes for this little boy, and I think that we may get there.