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I have moved many times with my horse as I am a military spouse, and just wanted to say that I truly empathize with your situation. I do believe there is something bothering your horse, and drugs should not necessarily be your first option. I would first look into smells. Is your new place in the proximity of pigs, goats, or other odor-generating source that could be setting him off? I would also recommend you invest in spending a couple of days at the new place with your horse, from when he is fed in the morning to when he gets tucked in at night. How is his stall arranged? Does he get picked on by his stall neighbors? I would try to get a very clear picture of his surroundings in detail. Can you handwalk him more often and let him see his new environment? You might have to put a shank on if his behavior is super bad, but you want to make the handwalking experience as pleasant as possible. I guess what I am saying in the end is that you have a lot of ruling out to do…everything is new for your guy and the combo of being a bit laid up and his new digs is probably not helping.If he is bored and has pent up energy, try introducing clicker training. At least it will engage his brain and channel some mental energy on something new and fun…Good luck…I hope any of this helps. Remember that ultimately you are his rock, his safety, and his source of comfort. He needs your steady leadership, now more than ever.