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Have you considered a magnesiumn deficiency as a part of the underlying problem? The stress from the move may have triggered it, but magnesium deficient horses are far more prevalent than is generally known, and they handle stress very very poorly. The supplement that most people (including me) have had the best results with is the one from Performance Equine USA ( If you go to their website, they have a whole page of symptoms. Apparently magnesium is needed for the horse to handle stress without having major craziness issues, and some horses apparently do not get or retain enough magnesium without a supplement. You can test for it, but it is often less expensive just to try it for a month or so. Your horse could have been borderline, and the move pushed him into the problem deficiency. You may find that he cannot maintain his magnesium levels without being on the supplement daily, but it is still often cheaper than medical bills for you and him.