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When I was riding only a couple days a week, my TuffRiders lasted me two years. Now that I’m riding five or six days a week, one pair will only last me three or four months. If you’re looking for a good, dependable pair of schoolers that will not be affected by washing all the time, definitely go with Piper breeches, Kerrits, or Irideons. My TuffRiders have stretched out so much and the wear is extremely significant. For proof: I bought a pair of TuffRiders, Pipers, and Kerrits all in the same order in June, and I wore each two days a week, washing them on my day off. The TuffRiders are now in the trash, but the other two are doing great. That being said, though, I have a white pair and a tan pair of TuffRiders I use exclusively for showing because those don’t get worn often, and they do look nice when they’re only being worn a couple times a month.

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